Oil Exploration Threatens Panama’s Rainforest, The Second Lung Of America – International Business Times.

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In 2011, Panama found that Darién held oil reserves of more than 900 million barrels, according to a report by consulting company OTS Latin America LLC. The study also pointed out that Panama could receive up to $20 billion out of the investment. Oil companies from the U.S., Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Europe showed interest in the possible exploitation agreements.

Panama, which has traditionally depended on imported oil (the debt mounted from $447 million in 2000 to $2.25 billion in 2012, according to official data), saw this discovery as an opportunity to free itself from foreign crude. But as the government started drafting a bill to regulate explorations and exploitations within its frontier, several environmentalists have raised concerns about the impact the work would have in the precious natural reserve.

“The risk to submit Darién to oil explorations is serious. Darién is more than just Panamanian — it is the second largest lung in America,” Raisa Banfield,  of the NGO Fundación Panamá Sostenible, said in a statement.

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Op-Ed: Don’t Believe the Lies You Hear About Dolphin Intelligence – TakePart

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No, dolphins are not ‘thugs’ or ‘dumber than chickens.’

September 12, 2013Laura Bridgeman


There has been a recent spate of articles claiming that dolphins are “thugs” and “dumber than chickens.” Not only do these articles read as though they were written by high school troublemakers, but they also make false claims and disseminate misleading information that is at odds with current scientific understandings of dolphin and animal cognition.  

One of those claims, made in the Daily Mail, is that since some dolphins kill smaller porpoises without any interest in eating them, they are less morally and cognitively sophisticated.

“Readers should not confuse aggressiveness with intelligence,” says Dr. Lori Marino, a neuroscientist at Emory University. “Humans are very intelligent and also very aggressive. Dolphins are very intelligent and they can also be aggressive. The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other.” We humans should hope not, as we are the only species that commits mass genocide and so frequently murders our own kind.

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